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Power Blazers on a Budget

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Feeling like the powerful badass you are, doesn't mean breaking the bank.

Blazers don't always have to have a matching bottom, or be reserved for meetings and events. Blazers are that staple item you can pull out of your closet anytime you need a reminder that you are powerful, and nothing less. From Saturday nights out to Sunday brunch, a comfortable fit blazer is such a good way to elevate a casual look into something everyone wants to double take when you walk by.

I was always a bit intimidated by blazers, thinking they needed to be tight, snug and feminine fitted. And I would always feel a tad too professional when I wore one. As my gender expression began to shift, I became more drawn to larger fitted and more masculine styled pieces. The challenge was finding a blazer that would not break my budget - and I mean, shopping for suit jackets outside of the "women's" section also felt a bit intimidating to me.

I turned to used and consignment stores, where I could still find quality pieces that came in a diversity of sizes, fits and styles, and were less costly than a brand new blazer jacket. The extra perks being sustainable reused clothing continuing the cycle of wear, and more informal shopping environments creating space to feel comfortable playing around with what feels and looks best.

The two outfits here are examples of elevated casual, but powerhouse, looks for whatever gender energy you're feeling.

A simple black suit jacket paired with black jeans screams "dapper"but not trying too hard. Rather than a formal long sleeve collared button up, rock it with a fun print shirt! The textured blazer material also creates more of a casual vibe, meaning you can rock this look in so many different spaces. Best part, it cost around $20 at your local Value Village.

If you're feeling bold, a fun patterned sock goes a long way to add some extra dimension to your look.

The full look:

Blazer: Value Village

Shirt: Topman

Pants: H&M Men

Earrings: Handmade, Clyde River NU

Now this vintage checkered blazer is one of my favourite recent finds! Still a little larger in fit, it feels casual and comfortable enough to wear out and about. With a retro vibe, there are so many looks you can create with this one jacket, including this very simple pairing with a classic black t-shirt and high-wasted fitted jeans. Throw on your comfiest black boots, and you just turned 3 basic essentials pieces into a look that says "boss bitch".

If the shoulder pads are not your thing, they're easily removable. But I love them! For $60, this jacket has so much more personality than any department store blazer.

The full look:

Jacket: 217 Vintage

Earrings: Matthew Bombardier

Boots: Kind Exchange

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