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Ode to a Broken Heart

Ode to a Broken Heart


I promise you are broken in all of the right places. Your beauty awakens from the scars you bear through adversity. Your beauty arises from the moments you were not able to rise out of bed or mop the puddle of tears on your floor. Your beauty is that tiny flicker of light that gently appears from the deepest wound you carry. And even though it may not seem like it right now, I promise the lessons you will learn will be greater than the bruise your soul has embodied.

I promise you are broken in all of the right places. There is no place for regret here, no space for guilt or anger. Hold your loss in your hand like a bird with a wing too broken to fly. Caress is. Nurture it. Love it. Then when it’s ready, teach it to fly again. Forgive the fall and embrace the blessing of starting new. There are risks, I know. The possibility of falling again, I know. But flight is an empowering thing and the view from above, even for just a short while, will give you more joy than a long while spent in any cage. Embrace it. Every beat of blood pumping is healing.

I promise you are broken in all the right places. You are aching and sore. Why you. Old scars are bursting at seams. Why you. The only comfortable position is a ball. Why you. It hurts to suck in air. Why you.

Grieve. Grieve some more. Sink into loss. Settle with sadness.

You. Because you are capable of loving so strongly. That is special.

Experience is impermanent. Could haves, should haves, would haves are temporary. Overcoming is permanent. Your ability to love is forever.

You will always be good enough. You will always be supported. You will always be loved. If not by the ones who are at the core of your pain, than by yourself. You. You will always be there.

I promise you are broken in all of the right places. I promise you are still whole.



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