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Jumpsuits Part 1

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Jumpsuits for work and professional gigs are my new favourite thing.

Jumpsuits used to scare me. I would associate them with wedgies and children. However, I do quite a few professional and artistic engagements now from meetings to panels to conferences to events, and I started getting bored with the usual classic button up or blouse, bottom and jacket. I'm also not one to confrom to typical norms of "professional"attire. I believe strongly in being able to channel authenticity through clothes, and that also means being able to play around with looks in more "professional" settings (i.e. roundtables, conferences and meetings).

I started coming across more and more adult jumpers as they came into trend, and one day, I gave in to trying a few. And guess what, I fell in love! Not only are they fun and playful, with the right fit, they are actually pretty comfortable. They're the perfect item to create some fun amid what might be stressful, boring, or nerve-inducing professional and creative engagement environments. Rather than jeans and graphic tee (I love my jeans and graphic tees, but they often feel out of place in certain settings), swap the jeans in for a nice jumper and now you've played up a super comfortable casual look into something that feels a little more like "I'm here, I'm me, I'm fun, but I also know what the heck I'm talking about". Pair it up with some nice accessories and boots, and voila! You can speak on any panel feeling like the playful warrior you are.

These incredible sealskin earrings and beaded pin are great ways to indigenize and play up a professional look.

The full look:

Jumper & Shirt: H&M

Earrings: Megan Feheley

Boots: Kind Exchange

#style #jumpsuit #sealskin

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